Windows 10 1903 bug file open menu switching back to program behind it

When using listary in windows 10 version 1903 when you are in a open file dialouge menu and choose a folder in the listary menu, windows switches to focus back to the program behind the the “file open” menu. Making you need to alt-tab or switch back to the file menu. Hope this makes sense. Should be easily to reproduce to see it in effect.

Try Listary 6 if you’re using 5.

This resolved it, thanks!

I have the same problem.
@Boonta: do you mean this problem is solved only by installing Listary6?
@Channing: The problem only cropped up recently. Surely there is a way to fix it without moving to Listary6, since version6 is still in beta?

Moving to listary 6 beta solved the issue.

Why should Channing waste time to solve problems in the old version 5
if the actual beta runs fine.
Whats the risk of running the beta ?
The answer is none, as Listary doesn’t change files on your system it just searches them.

@Horst: If Listary 6 was a) fully working, and b) a relatively simple upgrade from Listary 5, then the cost of upgrading would be almost zero and I would just do that. But since it is still in beta, and it seems like there are big changes in the interface in version6, you will agree that there is a learning curve, which you will agree is a real cost. if there was a simple fix while staying version 5, it would help.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this issue in Listary 6.

6 beta is pretty stable now. You can give it a try.

Okay, so I downloaded v6beta and installed it. All my previous settings/favourites were imported properly. BUT now when I launch the Listary popup menu, I cannot navigate this menu using the keyboard. In v5, I can press a key (like A) and it would cycle through all the favourite folders that begin with that key. Am I missing something?

Keyboard navigation support hasn’t been added in the beta yet.