Window disappeared

listary pop-up menus doesn’t work on desktop.
it works after I reboot my computers (it occurred at my home and office)
and when i tried to open, window disappeared with specific programs (for example : zbrush)
I have to find open window in taskbar.
I did put program exe file in app settings, it wasn’t fixed.
is this a bug, what should i do to fix it?

and 1 suggestion.
i hope i can change order of favorite pop-up menu’s folders.
everytime i add folders, i gotta go to option to change order.
if i can use use right click to move folders that would be convenient.

Do you mean the double click menu?

I’ll consider making the menu entries draggable.

Yes. Double click menu (or middle mouse button click menu)

why is the menu closes after opening a search result, can’t it not stay open for opening up more results?

I have the same problem. after doing a search the explorer windows that are open close. Makes listary useless.