Win11 listray bug


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No problem here under Windows 11 with Listary

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.282)

You sure? Its been crashing for me for ever, works 1 or 2 times then always crashes/stops. Every single time. I believe that was also the case with win10. this app is beta and hardly worked on

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No problem as I said.
Its a beta and there will never be an update.
Its a dead product but the beta runs fine for me.


I found the possible bug problem point, if it is win official open window, there is no problem, is the use of WPS open window will appear this problem, please official view


请问您是否使用的 V6.2.0.41 版本?这个版本的 autoupdater 有问题,需要麻烦手动升级至 V6.2.0.42 版本