Why does Listary 'skip over' the most relevant folders before delivering irrelevant options?

Here is a scenario that happens quite a lot. I’ll be downloading an asset or something and wanting to send it into an intake folder. In this case, there’s a new font I like so I want to dump it into a FONTS folder. Now, this is a folder I visit quite often. It’s distinct from any one of the other nine million ‘Fonts’ folders out there simply by being ALL CAPS and there being a solid search history of going there vs any other Fonts folder.

So I hit CTRL twice and start typing FONTS. And here’s what kills me: For a split second, at the start of the process, I see precisely the folder that I’m looking for. Then, before I can select it, a ton of Fonts folders - the vast majority of which I never visit (because they’re just a subfolder in a project folder or something) - litter the results. I now have to sift through the results to find what I’m looking for, even though Listary got it right at the start.

I’ve been using - and enjoying - Listary for years. But this is one thing that just drives me nuts. I’d love to know if there is any way to address this (config wise) but haven’t figured it out yet.

Thanks for your attention.

This still happens on the reg. Any thoughts? Anyone?

The search feature is useless in my (limited) experience. You nailed it - for some reason it insists on showing you the most convoluted and obscure folders, e.g. in the firefox cache

The only useful and reliable feature of Listary is the ability to quickly access favourite folders through the popup menu.