Why does Listary have NO documentation

I just bought the pro version. I really like it so far, BUT… I’m looking for advanced feature help. As a paid user, directing me to a discussion board or FAQ as your official “F1 Help” option makes me wish I had not paid for this app. I can’t find information on anything less than trivial scenarios. For example:

  • I only want to index folders, and exclude files. But, I can’t get this to work
  • What are ALL the shortcut keys for the app.
  • Win+O does not work on my machine. How can I trouble shoot your global keyboard mapping hook?


Hello Kevin,

I’m sorry for the confusion. Listary 5 will come with much more built-in help information and tips. The website will also be redesigned with the launch of Listary 5.

  1. Sorry that Listary doesn’t support indexing only folders. If you want to exclude a specific file type, go to Listary Options - Index, click the third button below the list, and then fill Filter: with something like *.exe
  2. There are 3 kinds of hotkeys:
    a. Global hotkeys in Listary Options - Hotkeys.
    b. Command hotkeys in Listary Options - Menus - Commands (select it from the dropdown menu).
    c. Navigation hotkeys to select search results. Ctrl+N : Next item, Ctrl+P : Previous item, Ctrl+O : Enter Actions menu.
  3. The default hotkey Win+O has been removed. Please go to Listary Options - Hotkeys, and then set “Use Total Commander…” manually.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know.

Big-time +1 for this. Please give us advanced-user-wanabes documentation! :slight_smile:

(Just purchased my license an hour ago. Great stuff.)

+1 here too, same situation as kramsaur