Where's my refund?

I’ve emailed you multiple times now that I need a refund on accidentally buying 10 extra copies, probably because Listary caused me to fill in an extra 1 when I was filling out the order tab. I’m again asking for a refund of the 10 copies I didn’t mean to buy. I won’t recommend this to anyone ever again if you don’t set this straight. I’m happy to support development of a $20 freemium app, not a $20 freemium app for $165.

I’m afraid you’re out of luck mate… the dev doesn’t give a crap anymore about this app and you just gifted him $165 … he stopped development a long time ago because as he declared, he’s busy with his new professional life.

Also, you don’t support any development for $20… because no development happens anymore :)))

Consider yourself lucky if you can recover the money through your bank…

If Listary has been abandoned then why doesn’t the dev post some free registration keys and permit everyone to get all features? He’s got nothing to lose. Other apps have done this.

because he’s still earning from it…? :))
Also, maybe he’s hoping that eventually will resume the development. Either way, asking “why is he doing/not doing” something is the wrong question to ask. Unless you can ask the developer directly. And even then, you may get a very unsatisfying answer.
It is what it is… and you gotta accept it.