Where to Get Latest Beta Versions?


Is there a place where latest Beta versions of Listary are stored?

My issue is that I was using the latest version (v5.00.2581) from the Download section on the website, and Listary was saying that there is no newer beta version available (check for releases option is On in my case). Then yesterday on some random web forum I saw that there is 2664 Beta is actually available - plus different versions before that the “stable” Listary never showed (at least in my case). Meaning Listary does NOT actually check and show for Beta versions properly, as far as I understand. That’s why I’m wondering if there is a location/URL, which I can check manually for availability of new Betas.

Overall, my general coment to Listary developer: don’t “hide” the Beta versions. I mean, I personally like using Betas and of course understand that they might be unstable, crash, and even cause damage in worst-case scenarious. But - as a user I understand the risks and would like to be able to choose whether to use a stable or a beta version :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance!

P.S. A great example of what I mean is Opera (browser): Index of /pub/opera-developer/ - here they simply store a history of all their available beta versions, done as a simple web folder. Super simple, old school, easy to use and access for anyone.

Thank you for your feedback.

You’ll always be notified when there are some real beta releases. Version 2664 only contains fixes for some very edge cases for specific users, so it’s not released to public.

I’ll create a detailed beta & changelog page during the release of Listary 6.

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Channing, many thanks for your kind reply!

My point was a bit different. I wasn’t talking about real vs. non-real betas, rather: why don’t you simply open access to the web directory to those “advanced” users who want to use “minor” betas too. So basically for “normal” users who don’t mind using betas - major betas will be controlled/announced by Listary itselt, for advanced users - they can go and check the web directory for “minor” betas. Hope you see my point here :slight_smile:

But in any case, thanks so much in advance!

There will be such a page when the beta release process becomes fully automated. Currently there are still some steps that I have to do manually, so only major changes are released.