Where are the plugins coming?



You’ve reported for almost a year now that plugin support is coming. I’ve purchase a listary license in anticipation of the new features, but I’ve seen almost nothing in the way of new features in the last year. There are many features I’ve seen suggested that you say “I’ve added to my list”, yet this list is not public and I don’t see anything happening…

What is the situation?

If Listary is going nowhere, then perhaps it’s time to move back to Wox or just find another solution altogether.


Sorry for the delay.

Extension support has been under development for quite a while. I’ve created demos and evaluated multiple different implementations, but none of them fully meets my expectations. Since this feature can’t be changed freely once released (changes will break all extensions), I’d like to get it (mostly) right the first time. It’ll still take some time.


Is there any progress on this front? I would love to see plugins (coming from Alfred on Mac, Listary is currently the best option, but the lack of plugins still make the transition quite hard).

If you need somebody to bounce off implementation ideas, just give a holler :slight_smile:


Still working on the plugin support, and no ETA yet :frowning:


I am an Evernote user.
I wanted Listary to support the search functionality using the Evernote SDK, and hope that if the plug-in is well supported, it will be possible to implement this functionality.

I am using unscript.exe as custom command for now. This is great, but I would like to get the title of the note right in the list on the UX side.


Eight months later, where are we?

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