When will Listary 6 be released?

This is an awesome app, I can’t wait to try the Listary 6.
Looking forward to the new features and the redesigned UI.
Thank you for creating this great app, and it would be perfect if a Mac version is provided.

I’m working intensely on it now. Since everything will be rewritten from scratch, it’ll still take some time. Please be patient :slight_smile:

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Please don’t create a mac version. Mac already has Alfred - unarguably the best launcher in existence (for Mac).

Focus on Windows. And yes I can’t wait for Listary 6. Wish we had a roadmap :frowning:

Sorry for impatience! Have you an ETA? We’re all looking forward new Listary release!

Working on it. Sorry no ETA.

any hope to release it this month?

I don’t think so, but it’s pretty close :wink:


print "it’s pretty close"



I can’t wait for the new version. I just bought Listary and it is a great program. Thanks!!

four years,

I am constantly visiting this forum to be informed of any new progress on the development of the new version.
Hope it will come out soon.:sweat_smile:

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I look forward to being announced in the summer.
I do not know what summer of the year … :joy:

me too…

Waiting as well :D!