What happened to AutoCAD Electrical 2015 in Listry v5.0? It kept crash when open dialog

Well well,well

Listary v4 is so good that when the listary v5 out I first time update it.

But my AutoCAD Electrical 2015 is keeping freezing when the open file dialog is open.

And in no accident listary v5 is stopped responding as well.

Before update the listary,everything is fine. I had searched Internet for this issue, autodesk told us some program may modify the open dialog. I uninstall listary v5 and EMET but nothing helps.

Maybe it is not the problem by Listary, but please check it out. I know listary may inject dll into process rather modify the files. Please make it clear. Because both listary and autocad are daily used.

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Great Thanks.

For some reason we all do not know, I refresh my computer, It is not reason by Listary V5.

It is working now.