WDE support?

Since QTTabbar doesn’t support Listary for the second screen, is it possible to implement listary support for WDE?
I think it uses 2 Windows explorer screens.


I can call listary, but when i select an item, it opens explorer.

Would be nice to support WDE.

i can open wde when i do a search with listary, but it opens a second wde executable. It does not stay within WDE as it does with explorer, and doesn’t open the folder i was looking for.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll test WDE.

Thanks Channing. Appreciated.

Any news on WDE support?

I think I can make most of the basic features work, though you’ll not be able to use Listary to highlight a file on the file list of WDE dynamically.

Hi Channing,

thanks for your feedback.

If you don’t think it’s worth the effort then pass on it.

I may add WDE support in the next major update of Listary. With some planned fundamental changes it would be much easier to add new file manager support in the new version.

Thanks, Channing.
That would be great.