Using keyboard with the Listary Toolbar

I wanted to ask, or suggest, if it is possible to use the keyboard/tabkey to access the toolbar icons on the Toolbar?

I know you can assign separate shortcuts to open the Toolbar, or open the favorite folder popup. Both are of course useful at different times, but what I’d like to do is just open the Toolbar, then (if I dont type anything) hit the tab key to put focus on the favorite folder icon to open it up (or rotate focus between the other icons as well).

So this lets me do everything from one key shortcut, and without needing the mouse.

Hi, you can set a hotkey for the favorite menu in Options - Menus - Toolbar (from the dropdown) - Favorite.

Tab key is reserved for the search feature and will not be used to move keyboard focus.

The cursor keys can be used to navigate through the toolbar, cannot they? It would save a keystroke though, if the focus would automatically highlight the first item (the “add here” item). It now needs 2 key presses.

And If I may without opening a new topic, I’d like to request an automatic unfold of the focused item when using the cursor keys, like a mouse hover over works currently. So when the focus is on “Recent”, the recent folder unfolds, but the focus stays on Recent.
==== edt added mouse part

If you like menus, set a hotkey for “Show popup menu” in Options - Hotkeys. You can then activate the menu directly without having to activate the toolbar first.

Open Options - Menus - Popup Menu (from drop-down), then change the name of Recent to &Recent. After activating the popup menu using one hotkey as mentioned above, you can press R to open “Recent” directly. It’s way more faster than navigating using arrow keys.

Hi Channing,
Yes I know about assigning a different hotkey, but that’s what I’m saying - I’d prefer to do everything from the Toolbar and not have to map another key shortcut. Global key shortcuts are not easy to find that won’t interfere with other apps/functions, plus there are other tools besides yours that need global shortcut keys as well.

What I’m asking for is a way to access the three icons on the right without using the mouse. I just suggested Tab since that is universally used in UI design to move focus amongst other control groups.

The flow I was suggesting was: open the Toolbar, if nothing is typed then Tab to put focus on the Favorites icon, and enter to open it. Or use right arrow instead of Tab. Whatever. I just want to be able to access those buttons without having to use the mouse.

As it is, I have not found a way to access those icon functions with the keyboard. If I could, I would not need to map another key.

And I just realized you can customize that menu too - really need keyboard access to navigate it!

I thought I found a way thru menu customization to set a hotkey to the Favorites folder (in the Favorites menu customization), so I mapped it to ctrl-F, but found that you are making those hotkeys global (versus being active only while listary is open). So it’s the same problem.

  1. Every entry in the menus can be assigned a hotkey.
  2. Keywords can be assigned to commands (Options - Keywords - Commands). For example, you can type “cmd” directly to launch Command Prompt.
  3. Favorites menu is directly searchable. Just type the folder name in the search box.

There is really no need for a keyboard enthusiast to use the menus I think.

They are not global. After assigning Ctrl+F to Favorites, you can still use it to search in your browser.

Not about being a keyboard enthusiast, it’s about usability and accessibility.

But ctrl-f does seem to do what I need as a workaround. I tried this key sequence while in an explorer window, which is why I thought it was global. I disabled Listary hotkeys in folder view to prevent this.