Use as a Launcher

I use Launchy a lot, and can see possibilities for Listary if you want to develop in that direction.

I guess you would need to refocus that side more towards files rather than folders, and provide a way to specify the extensions to use (like .php) and the directories to consider. It would also be useful to be able to prioritise the types of files in the list. Personally for files I would want .php before .jpg for instance.

Just a thought - hope it helps


I’m currently working on some similar features :slight_smile:

Mike, did you consider develop another app(or if is possible add that features to Listary) similar to Listary that works as a Launcher (even for Windows 8 apps), I mean as a replacement for Start Menu? It could be show the last opened apps, that would be very nice.

I’d love to see Launchy’s functionality to be integrated into Listary!