Upgrading portable versions

I have been using the portable version 3.51.776 for some time. I want to retain my existing settings when I upgrade to the current version 4.23.1728, but the folder and file structure seems significantly different than before. Is there a tutorial or instruction on how to retain my existing settings?


Simply extract the new version into the old 3.51 version folder (overwriting all files), and then run Listary.exe.

Thank You - it worked great!

I am now trying to upgrade to the latest portable version (5.0). The method previously described does not work. I also am being prompted for admin credentials in order to run ListaryService.exe. What is the correct process to upgrade, and how can I avoid having to enter Admin creds, as I am using this at work where I do not have Admin privilege.


I highly recommend that you use the installer version instead. You only need to enter the Admin password once when you install it.

The updating process of the portable version is exactly the same as before, and Listary 4 also requires you to run ListaryService.exe as admin. Nothing changes here.

It’s no more fully portable 'cause the ListaryService.exe on the win host machine must be running and you can’t run It whithout admin credentials and so the program (and Its license) is tied with YOUR host machine (where you’ve admin credentials), am I right?

The portable version doesn’t use ListaryService.exe on your machine. So as long as you have admin rights on a new machine, you can use Listary (Pro) portable there.

Channing wrote:

The portable version doesn’t use ListaryService.exe
on your machine

The free version only, right? Because the “portable” Pro version do use ListaryService.exe and so the user need admin rights, so the user can’t use the portable pro version on Win PCs with standard accounts only (e.g. college labs, coworkers’ Pcs, etc.). Thanks

The free version and the Pro version work the same way, and they both require admin rights. You can’t start the portable version (neither free nor Pro) when you’re using standard accounts.

It’s a pity (imho) 'cause Listary would be almost perfect. Many others (executor, pretty run, slickrun, etc.) work and search fine and don’t need admin rights.


None of them can search your entire disk. It’s impossible to search all your files and folders efficiently without admin rights.

I like to search in the dir/subdir that interest me only (I’m a PC’s resource aware), e.g. in the usb pen drive (with all portable programs and use of their relative paths, e.g. …\ ) where Listary is on.

Imho the entire disk search (and related administrative rights) should be made optional.

I’ll consider that. But since disk search is fundamental to most of Listary’s features, it’s not likely to be available soon.

Ok, take your time, thanks

Any news on this?

1- Running in portable mode (pro) on standard account (no admin rights/account).
2- Optional entire disk search.
3- search only in the dir/subdir that interest the user, e.g. in the usb pen drive (with all portable programs and use of their relative paths, e.g. …\ ) where Listary is on.

Many Thanks.

A full non-admin mode sounds very interesting. It’s much more than just disabling disk search. I’ll check if it’s possible.

It’s simple, look at many others app (executor, pretty run, slickrun, etc.): they seek only where indicated manually by the user with standard account too (and there’s no need for modules/services that run in kernel space with admin rights).