Updating from version 5 to version 6

I’ve been using Listary Pro since 2012. I just found out about that there’s a version 6 (clicking for updates on my version 5.00.2843 just assures me that I’m using the most recent version). So I’m considering updating the software. My questions are:

(1) Can I just install version 6 over version 5?

(2) Will installing version 6 over 5 preserve my existing menu structure (folders, etc.) from my current setup?

(3) If I don’t like version 6, is it easy to revert to version 5?


Backup your setting file Preferences.json in %APPDATA%\Listary, then you can safely find all the answers by yourself. One thing is for sure, V5 settings can be imported in V6.

Many features in V5 are still missing in V6, I don’t think it’s a good idea to upgrade. I’m using V6, and won’t go back to V5, because I’ve made too many new settings and they certainly can’t be imported back to V5.

Thanks, @DiamondbacK, this is very helpful.