Undesirable behavior

Photoshop > save file dialog > I Write keyword > Listary will show List > I select the first item http://jcz.be/8i-m5 (folder) to open it > pressing Enter > save dialog closes > file is saved as untitled in folder from which I sought. It’s not a folder where I wanted it.

Thanks for your feedback. This bug seems only available on Windows XP. When the save file dialog opens, you can try to use the hotkey to activate Listary. And when you finish searching, press Esc to return to the file dialog.

I am using Windows 7. Photoshop CS6. I will send screencast to you.

Will test with cs6 and Windows 8.1!

No problem here:

i open the save as dialog and type in listary the folder i want to save the image in.
Then click on the folder name in listary to open the folder and type the name of the file you want to save. No problem at all!

I also can’t reproduce this bug on Windows 8.1. I will test it on other systems soon.

I sent PM with screencast to you.

I tested with cc2015 and I am sorry but i cannot reproduce your problem. Everything seems to work just fine.