Two quirky behaviors with XYplorer

  1. I run XYplorer as the default Windows file manager and with the option to only allow one instance. Opening a folder switches to the running instance of XYplorer if there is one, or opens a new instance if it’s not already running, then moves to the folder requested to be opened. This works correctly if Listary requests a folder to be opened, IF XYplorer isn’t running OR XYplorer is already running at user level. However, if XYplorer is already running elevated to administrator level and Listary requests a folder, the running instance of XYplorer is switched to but XYplorer doesn’t move to the requested folder.

  2. The Listary pop-up search box and list appears automatically when typing IF XYplorer is running elevated to administrator level, however, if XYplorer is running at user level, the search box and pop-up don’t appear when typing. The search box does appear in the correct position when [ctrl][ctrl] or [#][S] are pressed.

Any way to resolve either of these issues? Thanks


Sorry that currently there is no solution to the issues you encounter. One way UAC uses to keep your system safe is to block communication between programs running with different privileges, and this will also cause a lot of weird behaviours of all kinds of apps.

For example, here is what happens when it works correctly in case #1 you described above:

  1. You’ve a XYplorer instance A running.
  2. When you open a new folder in Listary, Listary starts a new XYplorer instance B.
  3. XYplorer B tells instance A the path you’d like to open.
  4. XYplorer A opens the path and XYplorer B closes itself.

But if you run XYplorer as admin, step 3 can’t be completed correctly because the communication between A and B is blocked by UAC.