Toolbar position by defaut

Hello, can you tell me how to changed the default position of the toolbar (Center of the window) for applications not listed in ‘by windows’
Thank you very much

Sorry that this is not configurable in the current version. I’ll add it soon.

Would it not be possible to have the toolbar (optionally) located in the right hand bottom corner above the taskbar (or maybe attached to the taskbar there) ?

Listary toolbar has 2 modes:

  1. Attached to a supported window. For example, Windows Explorer.
  2. Not attached to any window. In this case, the toolbar is always shown at the center of your screen.

Do you mean you want to change toolbar position for #2?

Assume this is set under options->by window type? Don’t know.

My suggestion is to have an extra(?) option for having Listary in the right hand bottom corner (right above the taskbar).
This way users may opt as follows:
for filemanagers: either attached to the window or at the right hand bottom
when a filemanager is nót active though, either in the center or at the right hand bottom corner.

My experience is … when the search box is in the center and in case of a long list, many hits a part of the hits are not displayed - off screen.
When the search box is at the bottom, Listary can use the entire height of the screen, tfore showing twice as many hits (if necessary of course).


That’s a good idea to take advantage of full screen height. We don’t even need a new Toolbar Position type for it: Relative to monitor + From right + From bottom = above taskbar.

I think all I need to do is allowing users to set toolbar position for mode #2 I talked in the previous reply.

Yes Channing, it is item #2 I am referring to.
(Sorry for the confusion)

BTW, right now with settings:
Relative to monitor + From right + From bottom = above taskbar

the toolbar still pops up in the center.

but maybe I am doing something wrong :slight_smile:


Got it. Toolbar Position setting for #2 is not supported yet (I’ll work on it). The “Desktop” you selected in By Window Type is not #2, it’s for the toolbar that shows up when you type something directly on desktop.

Hello, are you still planning to do this feature? The default center position for toolbar (#2) is not very convenient with large monitors. Thank you

Yes. It’ll be configurable.

Any updated on the implementation of this? Listary 5 has come out but, when not attached to any window, the toolbar still defaults to the center. I would like for its position to be user defined (absolute or relative).

Simply drag the left border.