The lousiest support I know

Listary offers the lousiest support I’ve experienced during my 40+ years of computing.
But joy is coming. I have come across an app that is a thousand times better.
It’s called FASTKEYS.
This app is the absolute madness and puts Listary in the shade in every respect. Just test it and you will confirm it.

Bye Bye Listary.

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Fastkeys is in no way a replacement for the major functions of Listary
as it has none of them.

Also you can get Text Expander, Start Menu, Shortcuts and more for free
by using Quick Access PopUp.

I wouldn’t give up on Listary. Sure communication could have been better, but the program never stopped working for me.

As a matter of fact I use FastKeys. It is not a replacement for me, but a companion to Listary.

For more context, I use Listary as an application launcher and for searching for files or folders quickly in the file explorer.

Fastkeys is for me to change keybindings on programs, text snippets. I also use another program to manage my clipboard called Rainclip.

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Same here. I use both Listary & FastKeys. However, I will defend the original poster that the support provided is definitely an area for improvement.

Yep, support is non-existent. Complete waste of time contacting them.

Codesigner of Listary is here. Sorry about the delayed support. You can send any bug, feedback, or request to I will start to check the mailbox every day and the forum regularly from now on. Hope Channing and I can build a better Listary ~

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