Text Editor Anywhere question

I know you’re not supporting TEA right now, but perhaps a question–

I would like to assign the Win-T hotkey to invoke the TEA editor, but on Windows 7/8/10 this key is used by the OS to set the focus to the first item in the Windows taskbar, so it’s impossible to get the TEA options dialog to recognize that I’ve hit that keystroke when trying to assign it.

Is there any way you know of to let this keystroke pass through to and be recognized by the options dialog, rather than being intercepted by the OS? I’ve tried a few workarounds using AutoHotkey, but so far no success.

Alternatively, can you tell me what the numeric hotkey encoding scheme is, such that I can manually edit the TEAConfig.xml file and set the value there for Win-T?

Thanks in advance!

If Windows uses Win+T, then it’s impossible for any application to recognize or use it as a hotky in a standard way.

One simple solution using AHK: set a complex hotkey like Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T in TEA, then write an AHK script to send Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T in Win+T event.

You might be right about that “in a standard way”, and I assume you wouldn’t have said it if that wasn’t in fact how TEA works. So much for my thought there.

But your AutoHotkey suggestion is dead simple, and it works. Wish I’d thought of it! :smile:

Thanks very much!