Synchronize Listary on two PCs

I want to run “Listary Portable” on two PCs.
In portable versions all settings are supposed to be kept in the launch folder “ListaryPortable”.
To sync the PCs I just sync the two folders “ListaryPortable”.
This seems to work for “Keywords” but not for “App Settings” or “Hotkeys”.
Has anyone experience on how to keep Listary commands/settings in sync on two PCs?

I read the reply Channing’s reply to a similar request from September 2013 …
“Copy UserData folder from the portable version to C:\Users<Your User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Listary\UserData”
…but the Roaming folder doesn’t have a Listary\UserData (any more?).

You’re doing someone wrong.

Just download Listary Portable from the site and tune it. Drop it in dropbox folder or whatever and sync it.

It works for me :slight_smile:

You are definitely wrong.
In my Windows 10 installation of actual Listary there is a folder userdata as follows:

If you’re using the portable version, it’s enough to only sync the UserData folder within the portable version.

I guess the problem is that Listary only reads settings when it starts, which is before syncing if you let Listary start with Windows. So on one computer Listary always loads the old settings, and it will write them back when you shutdown your computer.

Thanks guys.
Exit Listary before syncing seems to be the right advise.
It is not straight forward but it works.
An enhanced mechanism (e.g. select what to sync) might be a nice feature for a future Pro version.

If you use the portable version horst, you can put listary in dropbox folder. It works for me :slight_smile:

I’m not the one having that problem :smiley: