Sync Preferences and Shortcuts via Dropbox for Different Machines


I typically use dropbox and Junctions to make programs sync their settings across multiple computers (for e.g. my desktop and laptop). So that I don’t have to configure the same thing twice and keep changing it. Is there a way I can do this with Listary?

I have the Pro version

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I won’t recommend doing it at the moment. In the next version I’ll make some changes and you will be able to put the setting file in your dropbox.


Ok, will look forward to it. While you are making the changes, please key the machine specific changes using the hostname if possible. For example:

 HostA, HostB

[Common Preferences]
[HostA Specific]
[HostB Specific]

It’s like using windows ROAMING, LOCAL…etc.

I am not very articulate today, pardon the explanation.

Pardon me but why would you not recommend doing this, Channing? I’d also love to be able to sync between machines. I have a laptop at home which uses all the same file paths. (All my work is kept on A:/ partition on both machines, which is synchronised with BTSync).

Why can’t I just sync the portable version of Listary between the machines?

There may be some conflicts. The disk index and your open file history can’t be exactly the same on two machines. Some fundamental changes are necessary for syncing to work reliably.

I see, yes that makes sense.

I’ve synced the preferences.json file using a symlink which seems to work OK. Of course this requires all the paths (including to icons) being the same.

Interesting, I tried this and it didn’t work for me. Preferences load correctly via symlink, but changes are not written it seems (the actual file doesn’t change and after restarting Listary it’s back to before) … maybe it’s because the source location is elsewhere in the network, not on a local drive? Or do I need something else beside just making a symlink to make this work?

The setting file doesn’t work with symlink in the current version. I’ll make some modifications in the new release.

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