Switch Hotkey for Showing Listary

The default hotkey to show Listary is pressing CTRL twice, however, much as I’ve looked, I cannot find an option to switch this hotkey. This is especially inconvenient because it makes it so that whenever playing a game where you have to press CTRL often (It also does this with a double mouse click in games) it will open a search window and the only way to stop it is by either disabling the CTRL hotkey (which still leaves in the double click) or stopping Listary until you leave the game only to have to open it back up again. If there was a way that we could switch the hotkey, or just an option that stops Listary from working in games, I think it would be a good addition and incredibly convenient.

With respect to Listary 5 Pro one can make changes which hopefully will allow you to do some of the things that you want to do, and I presume that might also be true for Listary 6 beta. In Listary 5, go to Listary options. Look in the hotkeys section. One can not only unclick the option for pressing Ctrl twice, but choose any of a wide range of hotkeys to “Show Listary toolbar”. Shift+Win+F is the default, but it can be changed. Also, look at the App Settings section. One can change whether Listary hotkeys are active with respect to various programs. Some programs are listed, but you can add whatever program you want. However, you have to do this program by program, game by game.

This is one of the reasons I ended up in Listary 6 Beta.