Support searching in currently running apps (apps displayed in alt+tab)

easily access running apps via listary

  • currently listary only allows to launch new instances of Apps. I also want listary to allow me to bring any of my several chrome instances in the foreground, or my outlook app or any other work-related app that are already started/running.

We can use listary to not only replace windows search bar but also windows alt+tab / win+tab window!

here’s a similar app that does this feature:
The above haven’t been updated much so in my opinion this also fits very well as a new feature for listary!


Thank you for your feedback. This may be added as an extension of Listary in the future, but currently there is no ETA yet.

sure do letme know if you need more info on this feature request!

I support this request :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until extensions supported!!

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This is actually a very useful feature.
On macOS some people just hide and ignore the Dock altogether and instead use CMD+Space and then fuzzy-find the desired app to switch to.
In Listary, this unfortunately start a new instance of these apps. :frowning:


This will be definitely required feature.

I do not think having it as an extension will be a good idea, when the user uses this feature, says searching “chrome”, the expected behavior would look like:

  1. On the top of result list, show the running chrome window(s) and let the user to select one of them to activate,
  2. then the left part just like what it is now (the apps and file list)

The most important thing when I search “Chrome”, I should have the option: 1) to switch to the existing Chrome window, or 2) open a new window.

This will make the user completely disable the “Alt+Tab” shortcut, and uninstall bunch of other quick window switching tools, will be a big win for users.

Thanks and keep the great work!

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll consider a more deeper window switching integration.

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I agree, this is a very important feature IMO.
Especially if all recent actions are shown without typing anything (action history - just opening the omnibar), it would mean a huge increase in efficiency as it’s possible to focus exactly the desired app and repeat often used actions without having to retype them every time.

Probably I would use the window-switching feature much more than launching files and apps.

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I also support this request! It is so important…

But something is strange, I have been using Listary for 2 years, and with my old material I didn’t have this problem. Always when I started a program with Listary, it was in the foreground. Now that I’ve changed my hardware, it always opens in the background, which is very disturbing, because Listary loses its main quality for me, which was not having to go looking for the program in the taskbar.

Think about it. Thanks