Support Needs More Attention

I’ve been using Listary for a while and upgraded to the Pro version towards the end of last year. I’ve been using the Beta for a while now too and it has always worked perfectly until one day it suddenly stopped working. The Popup Menu wouldn’t appear after pressing the hotkey and neither would the Show Listary box. The File Search Window would appear by hotkey but would be frozen and I’d have to kill it with task manager.

I submitted a support email on Jan. 8th and received a reply from Listary on Jan. 9th. However, I didn’t see the reply until later. I replied to it on Jan. 14th, but I haven’t heard back from Listary since then, and it has been almost a week, as today is the 20th. I was hoping for better support from them. I searched my emails and am sure I haven’t received another reply.

However, I haven’t made any changes to my computer, but Listary has started working again like normal, without any issues. I had been ill for a few days and hadn’t been using my laptop, but Listary was working again today when I noticed its popup box at the bottom of an open dialog box. I am bewildered as to why it suddenly stopped working and then just as suddenly began working again.

I’m using version beta. I hope that Listary continues to be as reliable as it was before. It’s a great app to have. I do hope the support is better in the future though if ever needed.