Support Multiple web searches with one keyword?


Does Listary support a keyword search on multiple websites at once?

For instance, search for: “Listary help” on WebCrawler, Google and Bing all at once?

Thanks for your time.

One Keyword Multiple Web Searches

This is not supported at the moment, but it shouldn’t be hard to allow multiple urls. I’ll consider adding it.


That would be such a great option. The only program I’ve found that does it is Kiniprhna or however you spell it.

Maybe allow the user to create folders to organize the URL Searches?

Right now I am using both tools but would like to stick with Listary and by the pro when this feature is available. The ‘K’ program is configurable based on .ini files and I would prefer a GUI.

Thanks again for considering it.


An even cooler idea would be for Listary to show the results. But that’s not important.


Yes, please do add it.
Would be great to for example search eBay, AliExpress and Amazon all at once.
Or for someone who does research on some select sites all the time.


You can try to create multiple website entries in Listary with the same keyword.


That doesn’t work. It does show the different options when I type, but it wants me to select one and doesn’t open all of them at once :frowning:


I get your point. I’ll consider it.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, is this option added in the Listery so far? I need that option as well, as designer when looking for photos i search trough many websites it will be pure gold having one keyword for multiple sites and search query on all at same time. Please let me know if this is this is possible at the moment?


Hi, it hasn’t been added yet, but should be available soon.


Thank you for replaying, can’t wait for this feature. Thank you for this amazing software. Cheers!