Support for clipboard manipulation, combine clipboard text


I love the functionality and simplicity of listary :slight_smile: I switched from FARR that is IMO too configurable, which I found a little burdening… I also prefer how listary seamlessly integrates into many programs.

One thing that I am still missing in listary is support for clipboard manipulation. One thing I do frequently is pasting certain chunks of text in two ways:

  1. pasting predefined / static text
  2. pasting {predefined prefix text} + {text from existing clipboard} + {predefined suffix text}

I wish listary would have this feature in the future. :wink:

Keep the good work,

Thanks for your suggestion. Currently Listary focuses on file browsing, so there is no plan to add this feature :frowning:

Thanks for responding. Let’s focus on file browsing :sunny:

In meanwhile I refreshed my knowledge of AHK and realized it’s actually fairly easy to achieve any kind of clipboard manipulation. Now I created a script (which does copy, string manipulation, and paste) and put it into listary Apps search folder and it works flawlessly.

Posting here just in case anybody would find this useful.


Send ^c ; copy
Sleep 50
FoundPos := RegExMatch(ClipBoard, “\d{5,6}” , Match) ; search for 5-6 digits within clipboard

if !FoundPos
MsgBox Number not found in clipboard content.

ClipBoard = pre_text_%Match%_post_text ; glue number and some text

Send ^v ; paste back :wink:
sleep 50