Suggestion: in windows "save" menu build in a function for add prefix, suffix in the filename


i work with listary pro, a very good helper. Thanks for this.
I wish a function in the explorer “save” menu windows:

Add (selectable or automaticaly with presets) in the filename a prefix or suffix.

For example:
I get images from many clients by email.
I save these images from many clients in a folder:
Image 0001, 0002…
It would be helpful now, I can attach for example, the current date and the customer’s name.
Image 0001_22102012_Mueller image 0002_22102012_Mueller…
I can do this manually , or i can rename these images later.
That would be comfortable if the at the same time at the save menu automatically adds the prefix, suffix (pre-selected a setting - “date”, “client name”_Mueller) in the file name.
Can you build in this function in Listary?


Thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ve added it to the to-do list of version 4.1.