Suggestion, guess the right folder by use pattern

Would something like that be possible? Let’s say .torrent files are downloaded to the same folder most of the time, maybe listary could log this info and present that very folder everytime i download a torrent file.

I don’t know how much info is given by the OS or apps that call the dialogs, but if listary could know what domain called or app called the dialog it could eventually become pretty powerful.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Analyzing user behavior is complex, how about assigning default folders for file types manually? It’s a one time job. For example you can set it in Listary Options that a save file dialog for .torrent file will open E:\Download\BT by default.

I suppose that would be good also. But with user patterns you could expand it to take more than extension into account, like someone might open a save dialog from a certain website and always download files in a specific folder, and the same for different apps calling the open/save dialogs.

But your right, this is probably a quite advanced feature, at least if it should work real well, i haven’t seen it in any other similar app.
Also i have no idea if any extra information is given by the apps/OS to listary to even make any use of.

Wow, that’s a really big topic. A smart file system will definitely be the future.

Unfortunately the information provided by Windows is very limited, there isn’t even a documented way to get the opened/saved file name from an application. I use tons of tricks, hacks and black magic to get things done in the current version of Listary. I’m not sure I’m able to implement what you described:(