Suggestion for performance improvement

I found a thing that can be improved. It appears in case of images. The most visible is mainly for large images, long list, and location on a network drive. Sometimes it is necessary to wait 5 seconds to show results for a new search term.

But I’m not sure if it occurs only when you use SageThumbs or whether there would even have JPG images.

Anyway, I propose to interrupt retrieve information about entries in the list from the hard disk when you change the search term.


This behavior has already been changed. The new version won’t show thumbnails for each image, it will use the unified Photoshop icon instead.

Thumbnails are good for a quick awareness of the approximate content. I’m happy with them. If someone bothers previews, perhaps could be switch off in a setting option. SageThumbs are generating preview for e.g. PSD and it has setting for max. file size.

Rather, I would divide the process into two threads

  1. One would print out a list of files and thumbnails.
  2. The second will follow the text field. If the text field changes its content, will kill the first thread and start it again for another keyword. Or first thread could start third thread if you can not get rid of the delays in the second thread, because it depends on the operating system or something like this.

After rereading your thread, I found that I didn’t get it correctly in my previous reply.

In your illustration, if you change the text from “b.psd” to “b.psd foo” for example, 2 things will happen simultaneously:

  1. Listary will search for “b.psd foo”.
  2. Listary will continuously load icons for “b.psd” because Listary won’t update the view until it has finished searching “b.psd foo” completely.

In fact #1 is the bottleneck here, so you’re waiting for the actual search process of “b.psd foo” instead of loading thumbnails. Listary does cancel icon loadings automatically if the view is updated.

I am disagree. If I am typing eg. “petr: .psd” and “petr:” is specific file in network drive(=slow speed)… I see thumbnail generating. If I am writing “petr: .psd-” new results are showing exactly on the end of generating. Very precise coincidence in time. I tried it several times. So I think #1 is ready and waiting for end of work #2 I’ll try even without SageThumbs.

Thanks for the information. I’ll check it again.