Suggested changes for Listary - who agrees?

I think that making searches default to folders only and ignore files is critical for mainstream appeal for Listary. 99% percent of my searches are to save a file in a folder or to navigate to a folder in XYplorer using Listary and yet no matter whether I use Listary in built search or everything search and fuzzy matching I see inaccurate search results. e.g. If I search for a folder called “Sedco Teaming Agreement” if I type > “agreement Sedco” I don’t get the desired result but rather a bunch of files I don’t want but if I type “> Sedco agreement” then I do see the folder I am after sometimes, but sometimes I would need to go further and type “teaming” as well - why? What Listary needs is pattern scoring so that search results present with the most likely sought after folder first with what folder that is determined by a combination of both how recently that folder was accessed and how many of the words searched for appear in its name/path.

Also can you possibly include an option in Listary to search all drives by default with the “>” used if you only want to search the folder you are in - that makes more sense to me?

I’d love everyone’s comments on the above suggestions!

“>” is no longer needed and will be released in the next version.

I’ll consider adding an option to search only folders.

I would like to see pattern scoring made more explicit, and indeed configurable in Listary.

eg. I would want to promote exe bat com files over bak old tmp files.

It is possible that this already happens, but without being able to see how various files and folders are weighted, it is hard to understand or control the order of search results.

One thing that I’ll like to see is an option to view search disk results instead of Fuzzy Navigation. Personally I prefer this that Fuzzy Navigation (I never use this feature)and it’ll be more productive to me save time by typing the “>”.