Suddenly 'Recent' option went blank

I’m using Listary 5.x on Windows 10.

I reinstalled windows and having some experiments with Nvidia display drivers diff versions.
Suddenly I found that ListAry’s ‘Recent’ option has gone blank. I.e. there is no entry shown in this sub-menu.

How can I bring back my ‘Recent’ entries?
Does listary’s ‘Recent’ function depends on Windows (function) somehow?

P.S.: I also miss the global recent entries. Hope its re-inducted in the free version soon.

I installed ListAry6 beta on Win10 64 bit.

And in the end it said that it needs Dotnet 4.6.2.
But when I tried to install Dotnet 4.8 runtime (4.6.2 wasn’t found), it says that this Dotnet version isn’t needed/can’t be installed on this version of Windows.
What to do now?

Check and enable .NET versions under:
Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on or off

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There are no .DotNet versions available to be enabled.
Although when I try to install some Dotnet version, it says Windows10 doesn’t need installation of any Dotnet version.

What should I do? (When I installed ListAry, it was perhaps working ok. PERHAPS)

If you’re using Windows 10, you don’t need to install anything.

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I did need to install Dotnet 4.6.2 only then I was able to run ListAry6.
Once I (manually) installed 4.6.2, Listary worked smoothly.

Maybe I’m on a lower version of Win10-64 (my Win10 automatic updates are failing).

My problem mentioned in OP is still pending (I don’t want to use Listary6 for diff reasons).

Can you help me solve ‘Recent’ option problem in Listary V5.xx