Sth about Total Commander Integration

In Total Commander Integration, when switched to tc, a new tab will be opened. I would rather open in the current tab; it may be a good idea to close the opened tab.
I think it should be configurable.

They will be configurable in future versions :slight_smile:

i like that it opens it in new tab

how to use this Integration?
So far I can only open an explorer window from Listary.
And, since TC has its own quick search and it never shows a file dialog, why is TC listed in “By Window Type” of options of Listary?


Check this link:

Channing said:

Check this link: Listary – Free File Search Tool & App Launcher

thank you very much.

Hi spg200, I made Total Commander as my default file manager in Listary.
You could find the details about how to setup this from this link:

and, if you delete the parameter /T
you will open file or fold in Total Commander in current tab.

Hope it helps.