Startup performance

I’ve got the latest version of Listary configured to start on logon.

It starts quite quickly, but when I invoke the omnibar, the loader just keeps spinning and I do not get any results.
It only starts working after most other applications that start on logon have finished initializing, which can take even over 4min.

I understand that there might be some limitations, as all the applications share compute-power, but at the least it should be possible to get some sort of results right away after starting, even if that means it’ll only show files that were looked up recently.

Waiting for 20+ applications to load is very frustrating when the user just wants to open a folder. I even resorted to using the regular windows search in the start menu, as that gave me some results.

This looks quite unusual. My guess is that one of these 20+ applications locks some shared system resources that Listary needs to use. You can try to disable some of these startup applications to locate the suspicious one.