Start Search only on 2 chars typed, Search only inside current folder

I haven’t tested Search a lot.

When I’m in a folder and I know a file is there, I use to just type its first letter to be thrown to the first file that starts with it, then quickly find the file I want. I may get used to Listary Search in the future, but currently I just do that “by instinct” and am not liking Listary Search to pop up. If I know the file name and am satisfied by how I’m used to find it (which, as I said, I already do “by instinct”), I don’t need a full file search feature.

I’d suggest that Search doesn’t popup on the first char typed. Give Windows Explorer a chance to do it. If another char is typed, then now Search prompts and does its job.

Another issue I’m having is that Search lists me files outside of the folder I am. That bloats the Search result list with files I don’t want, forcing me to type a larger string to narrow the result.

There should be an option to search inside current folder, inside it and its subfolders, and Computer-wide. Computer-wide is more rare at least for me, while current folder is the default need and inside only currrent folder and its subfolders would be a great and powerful feature!

For optimal Usability, I’d suggest Computer-wide search to happen only when we’re in the “Computer path”, normally when Windows Explorer is opened. If I’m in a folder, I’m expecting to stay on it and search inside it, I’m not expecting to leave it. If I wanna search something outside of it, I’ll open another WinExplorer instance.

Computer-wide search could happen in the “Computer path”, while Drive-wide search happen when we’re in a drive’s root (which would be the same of current folder and subfolders).

I know that would require a big redesign on the Search feature, I’m just throwing ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions!

The 2 chars search is a good idea. However, I’m afraid it would make some situations much more complex. For example, the default Explorer search has a timeout (it will clear your search entry if you pause a little while). Should Listary show up if there is a delay between the first and the second letter? In Explorer you can keep typing the same letter to loop through all entries begin with that letter. How should Listary handle this?

Listary does search all drives, but results from your current folder are always listed on top. I think it’s not necessary to change this behaviour.

I’m testing it better now. I see selected file indeed goes to the first letter, and also I see Listary selects a file in WinExplorer when I hover that file in Listary list, very cool!

I’ll keep using to to get its Usability.