Start listary with Win Key only [solved]

is this possible to do? or anyway to force(by editing a file or something) listary to only start when i press win key?

Not that I know of.

Unfortunately no. You can try to use AHK to map Win key to a complex hotkey like Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L, then set that hotkey as the main hotkey in Listary.

Winkey alone can never be a hotkey.
That would make all default Windows assignments imposible
and is completely useless.

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I had the same question and did extensive research.

As everyone else said, it’s not possible.

I have this problem too, and I’ve created a program to solve this problem!

It uses a keyboard hook to remap Win key to Ctrl+Ctrl, the remapping is done only when the Win key is released so it will not damage other shortcuts (like Win+D). It’s an open-source one so you can be assured that it is safe. Detailed instructions are provided in the page above(it’s really easy actually).

Hope it helps, I also wish the devs of listary could see it and integrate the idea/code into their official release.

@r_p @listary_sev @Channing try my solution

Yay! Thanks I’ll try this! :smiley:

I create my own AHK solution to bind the symbol to the left of the number 1 button to Listary (CTRL +CTRL)

Thank you very much for sharing this!

In fact it’s not complex to support Win key as a hotkey in Listary (simpler than Ctrl-Ctrl). My only concern is that it may cause some conflicts and confusions. So I won’t add this feature to Listary for now, and anyone who’d like to use Win key can use your utility instead.

Thanks! I’ve just updated the utility and now it’s working perfectly for me. Press Win once to show the launcher and press again to hide the launcher, perfectly replacing the system search box. I personally much prefer this way to use Listary. (P.S I just found out that we are both Chinese haha) Great software! Keep up with the great work!

The first version worked fine for me under Windows 10 x64
The new version doesn’t react at all to the Win-Key

hmm… the second version requires you to set the launcher shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win+F as is indicated in the how to use section, did you do that? in addition, make sure you are not running both versions at the same time, close the first one in the task manager

I missed that but it makes it not better than the old version.
Now the 2nd press of the Win-key shows the Lister search again.
With the old version pressing the Win-key a 2nd time dismisses the search bar.
So i will stay with the old version which just works fine.

In autohotkey_L, remap LWin key only is super easy and works perfectly, – just remapping LWin Up .

#If A_PriorKey = "LWin"
~LWin Up::
    Send, #'  ; Listary, change to your configured key, mine is win-'
    ; MsgBox LWin Up

solution suggested by author of autohotkey_L Lexikos AutoHotkey Community - share scripts and functions, get answers to your programming questions

P.S. thx for @KevinWang’s solution here for inspiration ListaryWithWinKey/auto_hot_key_solution.ahk at master · KevinWang15/ListaryWithWinKey · GitHub
P.S.S for those who might not be familiar with ahk, some quick reference

the key modifier are
#!^+ – win/alt/ctrl/shift.
^+j – Ctrl-Shift-j
!j – Alt-j
send {j 30} – send j 30 times
semicolon ( ; ) marks rest of the line as comment and thus ignored

Winkey relate to many Windows built-in shortcut, and many 3rd part softwares.
It is not wise to map Winkey in listary, Channing is right.

There is no problem with any default Win-key assigments
as in Listary the mapping is for example Ctrl-Shift-Win-x.
Win-key alone triggers no default Windows or third party function at all.
So the current Autohotkey scripts works without any problem in Windows 10

Unless you have mapped the Win key to another program, like i did.
Whats wrong with pressing CTRL twice? And press ESC to hide?

Nothing wrong but Ctrl-Ctrl is mapped by another tool.
Also my script uses single Win-key for the Listary search-bar and single ctrl for the Listary pop-up menu.
To dismiss the same key is pressed again, so much easier.
But everyone has his own preferences.
The whole thing was to say that there is no problem using the Win-key with Listary.
And you say you have mapped the win-key to another program, so you also see no problem on such usage.