SpeedCommander integration

Hi, I just bought Listary because a user in the SpeedCommander forum mentioned it (and that the current beta version integrates into SpeedCommander).

My main question is: how I should set up Listary to use SC as its Default File Manager? I tried the path to SpeedCommander.exe in the first field, and “%1” in the second field, setting the dropdown to “Custom” - but I don’t think it’s working - if I select a Word document in SpeedCommander and then press Ctrl-O in the Word file open dialog, I just get an “error” sound.

Or what functionality should I be expecting when I’ve set that option? How can I test it?

I also tried Win-O (in the hope that it would work as outlined in “Total Commander integration”, but no luck either.

My other question: I’m looking for a manual or help file that lists all the commands and keystrokes etc. I should know, but I couldn’t find anything. Can you point me in the right direction?


Hi Tim,

First, your SC setting for Default File Manager is correct.

Ctrl+O doesn’t work in SC (it requires the file manager to have some APIs for external applications to query information). You can press Ctrl+G instead to let the Word open file dialog navigate to the current folder in SC.

Search works perfectly with SC. You can press Ctrl twice to open a folder in SC anytime (both inside and outside of SC).

Favorite and history also work.

Detailed documentation will come soon after the release of Listary 5. I’m working on it.

Thanks! 2xCtrl is the functionality I had been missing!

Should we users of SpeedCommander ask its developer whether he could expose the necessary APIs to third-party apps like Listary?

Thanks again for a fantastic time-saver!

Best regards

I think it’s not really necessary. The current basic support for SC can cover most of the use cases (maybe 95%). The other 5% features (like Ctrl+O) may require lots of extra work from the file manager developer if the file manager doesn’t already have similar functionalities.

It seems that Version 6 has lost SpeedCommander integration - is there any workaround, or are there plans to re-add it? That would be very helpful :slight_smile:


This works here without problems.
You simply have to enable or add the entry for FreeCommander.

You can also make an entry under General / Open folder with like mine
Path: C:\Tools\FreeCommander\FreeCommander.exe
Parameter: /C “%1”

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1194)
Listary Pro
FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 884 64-bit donor

Are we talking about FreeCommander or SpeedCommander? I do have the FreeCommander entry active, but SpeedCommander isn’t reacting when I do the “double-Ctrl”, and switching a Windows file dialog to a different directory by clicking into a SpeedCommander pane has stopped working, too.

The docs are talking about a default file manager, but they seem to refer to version 5, at least I can’t find that part of the preferences in version 6…

I have also added SpeedCommander in the preferences under Integration
(after I realized that the icon with the window and the little X doesn’t mean “delete”, which I think may be confusing for others, too), but that didn’t change anything…

Sorry, I didn’t read it carefully enough.
But why should one think that disabling the aktivieren option will delete anything ?
I use Listary with 3 file managers (Total Commander, Free Commander, XYplorer) without problems.

No own experience with Speed Commander.
I don’t like their license costs for updates and the way they activate licenses.