Spamihilator crashes on exit if Listary running

Hi, How can I disable any interaction between these two?

If I launch the full dialogue for Spamihilator, with which Listary does not have any need to interact, then when with Listary running I close Spamihilator’s dialogue, it crashes.

Conversely if Listary is not running Spamihilator behaves correctly.



When Listary shows up in Spamihilator, click the 3rd button with thunder icon on the toolbar, and then select “Disable Listary…”.

Hello, Listary does not ‘show up’ in Spamihilator… it’s not the sort of program Listary should be or would be expected to be related to. It’s nothing to do with file managment or folder access… it intercepts email and blocks spam.

So how do I stop the interaction?


  1. Update to Listary 5 beta: Listary 5 Beta (5.00.2334)
  2. Open Listary Options - App Settings.
  3. Click the add icon to add Spamihilator to the list.
  4. Uncheck the checkbox before Spamihilator.exe.
  5. Click OK to save settings.