Spaces in folder paths

I’m often looking for all files of a certain type within a folder. I seem to be able to do this with foldername\ .xls for instance, but when the folder name has a space in it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to include that.

What would be the way to search for all PDF files in My Documents for instance? It’s not:
“My Documents”\ .xls (returns nothing)
“My Documents” .xls (returns nothing)
My Documents\ .xls (looks for My in the file name)
Documents\ .xls (closest, but My Documents and Your Documents can’t be separated)

All of the following should work:
my\ documents\ .xls
.xls my\documents\
.xls documents\my\

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is there any search syntax description for listary?
like the usage of space,"" etc.

Check and

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Thank You!