Sort search results

Is there a way to sort search results?
Though I can see Listary does a whole load of cool things and it looks modern and feels responsive, it’s not useful to me unless I can work with my search results.

Last use case:
Looking for the most recent version of my video editing project on an external drive:
Firstly, as I type (in Explorer) it’s showing me results from other folders. (Grrr) and I can’t see any way to just search WHERE I AM (like Windows search box in the top right corner) but even if there is a way I’m not understanding to search from where I am, I can’t see how I can then sort those search results by Date…?


Listary DOES show results from current folder and its subfolders if you DO DIRECTLY type in explorer.

Note that you need to add your external drive to Listary Options - Index to make it searchable.

Try Listary on a local folder to see if it works as expected.