Sort Order Improvements -> Folders, Fuzzy Match

An idea to improve the great listary:

  • I find that folders are ranked last in comparison to files when in project mode. Since I am using listary mostly to navigate to folders, this makes it difficult where I want. For instance, I have a folder “Company X” which contains a lot files starting with Company X (…presentation, report, etc.). I think if an item matches perfectly and has less text than any other, it should be preferred.

  • The fuzzy matching is a little bit too lose for my feeling. How about requiring that at least the first character matches the first character of a word contained in a path item. Currently with a lot of files, something always will match for short search terms. This is annoying.

  • If an item is both a project and a list item, wouldn’t it make sense to remove one from display?

  • If an item is both in a project and an search index folder, it is shown twice.


Thanks for your feedback.

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Projects will be replaced by Search Filters in future versions, and it would become easier to use. If you download the latest beta and create one search filter (set the Search in field to your project folder), do search results look better using this filter than using Projects?

Here is one tip. If you get too many results using fuzzy matching, type an extra space and Listary will switch to keyword matching.