Sort by file opened count/frequency

Thanks for working on this project, it improved many people’s workflow greatly!

I’ve been using the latest beta builds for some time now and noticed that folders/files being accessed often do not get prioritized.
The list of results does not seem to be sorted in any specific way, which is quite frustrating.

I’m opening a folder on a daily basis through listary.
Every time I search for the folder (even if I almost type out the complete folder name), Listary suggests me a lot of random files and the folder is nowhere to be found.
After adding “:folder” to limit the results a bit, it’s possible to find it, but even then it’s normally not the first result.

The great thing about fuzzy finders is that it’s very convenient to get to recently used files fast and I hope this will improve before any major release is published.

Some “smart” ranking algorithm would be great (nothing complicated, just weight the files and folders, increasing their score every time they get opened and let it decrease over time → older hit = less score increase).
Maybe shorter file paths should also get a higher rank than longer ones, I don’t really know what the best strategy is, but the current one is certainly not perfect.

It seems to get better when using it for some time, but it looks like it “forgets” everything after a reboot…
(might be a bug perhaps)

Keep up the good work!

for example

You can raise the priority of the folder you want to find in the Listary settings as shown below:

Thanks, will try that, but my files are all over the place, sometimes changing location and such, any sort of manual priority setting is no solution.

With a good enough ranking algorithm the results should improve globally imo.

Thanks for your feedback.

Your example is a very special case. All the AppData folders on the result list (both the top random ones and the bottom few ones you may be interested in) are considered unimportant because they are inside system folders that are not supposed to be accessed directly by a user.

Listary would be much smarter if you use it to search for other types of files (e.g. documents you created or files you downloaded).