[Solved] Win 8.1 UAC prompt at boot


Each time I boot Win8.1 I’m presented with a UAC authorization window for Listary Service. How do I get around this? Task Scheduler? Other?



Please install the installer version instead of the portable version: http://www.listary.com/download/Listary.exe


You may need to uncheck “Start Listary when Windows starts” in your current portable version first.


Thank you. That worked well.


So, what if i need autorun portable version?


You need to use the installer version instead.


So, there is no possibility to use portable version without UAC warning?


No. There is a hack to run the portable version as admin automatically but it’s very buggy.


But i didn’t run listary as admin. Does it matters?


At the moment you have to use the installer version, or you need to click the UAC dialog every time.


Ok. Thanks.