[Solved] Win 8.1 UAC prompt at boot

Each time I boot Win8.1 I’m presented with a UAC authorization window for Listary Service. How do I get around this? Task Scheduler? Other?

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Please install the installer version instead of the portable version: http://www.listary.com/download/Listary.exe

You may need to uncheck “Start Listary when Windows starts” in your current portable version first.

Thank you. That worked well.

So, what if i need autorun portable version?

You need to use the installer version instead.

So, there is no possibility to use portable version without UAC warning?

No. There is a hack to run the portable version as admin automatically but it’s very buggy.

But i didn’t run listary as admin. Does it matters?

At the moment you have to use the installer version, or you need to click the UAC dialog every time.

Ok. Thanks.

Many thanks for this thread. Just solved an issues that’s been irritating me. Makes sense too.
However, I like to use the portable version so that my registration and configuration is portable, so I’ve decided to keep the listary portable version and use a trick to stop the UAC prompts all the time.

Create a Task in Task Scheduler, that “requires highest privileges” (admin) to launch " “listary.exe -startup” on User logon.

That way your data is stored with the app, can be synced to a network share, dropbox or usb key and work everywhere the same way, but also no UAC prompts.

This has the very big disadvantage that all programs or documents started from Listary
are running with the same high privilege.
Thats an absolute security GAU and should never be used.