Single click in favourites menu to expand folders rather than open them

Hi There,

I am loving Listary so far as a replacement for Direct Folders, ie. I’m using it mainly for the popup favourites menu.

There is one feature that I find very annoying with this though; I’ve built up my favourites menu with a convenient hierarchy of sub-folders in the options panel. When navigating through these branches they expand with a single click (great). However, once you’ve clicked down to the level of standard folders (which look exactly like sub-folders in the popup menu), suddenly a single click opens the damn folder in Explorer rather than expanding the contents of the folder in the popup menu.

I find this to be a very bad piece of UI and I’m forever getting caught out with it; I click the folder expecting the contents to be shown in the popup menu but instead the whole popup menu, along with all the levels that I’ve clicked through, suddenly vanishes and the explorer window pops up.

I would much, much prefer if all folders were expanded the same way- with a single click- and were only opened in explorer until they were explicitly double clicked.

Don’t tell me… this isn’t possible right…?

Don’t know what you are doing but here it works exactly as you wish.
Folders are expanded and on the last level the files are shown and can be double clicked.
Listary x64 Version 5.00.2664 under Windows 10 Creators Update.

Thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, you’re telling me that on your system single-clicking folders in the popup menu only expands them in the menu, and they have to be double-clicked before they are actually opened in Explorer?

That definitely isn’t the case with me. I’m running Windows 7 x64, Listary 5.00.2581. Though I also get the same issue on my laptop which is running Windows 10.

Would dearly love a reply from the developer to try to get to the bottom of this.

Yes, as I said.
But if there are no sub-folders or files in a folder a single-click of course opens this folder.

if there are no sub-folders or files in a folder a single-click of course opens this folder

Single clicks will only open empty folders? I’m still not convinced we’re quite on the same wavelength here… Please see an annotated screenshot clearly outlining the problem:

We are on the same level and I still confirm that Listary for me behaves as you want.
I have many entries looking the same as your structure
and Listary never opens a folder with a single click
if this folder contains other folders (indicated by >) or files.

Many thanks for clarifying.

I’m baffled why this is happening then. Can only assume that there’s some option I don’t know about, though I’ve looked through everything in the options.

I hope the developer can shed some light on it. Will buy the pro version in a heartbeat if only this would work properly.

AH- I’ve just realised that single-clicking the arrow on each level does indeed expand the menu consistently. So that’s something. I just hadn’t noticed this before.

But if single-clicking the folder name on each level (which is easier and more intuitive) then I still get the annoying disparity described above.

Clicking the arrows does nothing on my system.

Very strange!

Simply hover your mouse over a folder to expand it automatically. You can also click the arrow to expand it instantly.

Hi Channing, thank you for your reply but you’re completely missing the point of the question. The point is that a single click does something different depending on whether you’re clicking on a sub-menu or a pinned folder, which is annoying and extremely counter-intuitive. Please see the diagram I posted. Thanks.

Simply hover your mouse over a folder to expand it automatically.

Of course I realise you can do this, but I find the delay involved is too long, and when you’re trying to get to a folder nested deep within the branches of a tree, it just makes it frustratingly slow to get there. I want to be able to click my way down through each level. If the menu expanded the instant it was hovered over with no delay, then that at least would be an improvement.

You can also click the arrow to expand it instantly.

The arrow is much smaller than the folder name and so makes it much more difficult to quickly click through the levels. Additionally, the other commenter on this thread claims that this doesn’t work on his system, which frankly is just confusing me further.

I’d really appreciate a detailed reply from you to clarify these matters when you have the chance. Thanks.

I get your point. I think the current menu behavior is fine because most users add a folder to favorites to be able to navigate to it quickly instead of showing its contents. The problem is that these 2 types of menu entries look very similar. I’ll make some UI changes in the next version.

IMO the UI would be vastly improved if single-clicking consistently expanded the contents of folders and menus in the same manner, and folders were only opened in Explorer once they were double-clicked. Or if at least this was an available option.

I’d be amazed if I’m the only one who finds this annoying. If it helps anyone reading this, the best work-around I’ve found is to try and train myself to always tap the right arrow key when browsing the favourites menu, which at least works consistently. I just wish I could click instead. Honestly this is a major grievance for me.

The problem with double-click is that single click will be triggered first. So whenever you want to open a folder in Explorer, a large submenu will pop up first. I think this may be more annoying than the original problem.

I see what you’re saying- yes, fair point. In that case perhaps opening the folder in Explorer could be devolved to a right-click? That would work for me.