Shortcuts for "Send to"/"Open with" usable in Explorer?

After reading the Smart Commands features I liked a lot the possibility to copy a file’s path by pressing Ctrl+Shift + C in Win Explorer.

However, I’m puzzled which actions are eventually exposed in Explorer and why most of them are usable only in the Listary menu (I’m talking about Options → Actions, using Listary 5 beta 2177).

More specifically, it would be very useful if I could select a file in Explorer and press Alt+O to open its “Send To” menu (and even better its Listary equivalent, so that it is searchable). Or Ctrl+O to open the “Open with…” menu.

A nice feature would be to have an option which of the shortcuts in the Actions list are exposed in Explorer, so that even my custom “Open with Notepad” action can be invoked directly by selecting the file and pressing the shortcut.

Alternatively, there could be a global shortcut which would open the “Actions” menu scoped on the selected file(s) in Explorer - this would be probably easier from implementation point of view (actually this is what I thought would happen when I set a shortcut for “Actions” in Options → Hotkeys).

Thank you very much for your feedback.

The hotkey handling is inconsistent and confusing in the current version. I’m working on a completely redesign.

Hotkey to directly activate Actions menu for the selected file in Explorer is also on the plan.

Great! Thanks a lot! :smile: