Shortcuts for jumping to recent folder

There should be a global shortcut to open the directory on the most recent list.

At my workplace i have to use a Mac, and there is a tool called DefaulFolder X, which has this function.
Basically you press Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow, and it jumps through the recent directory list, one by one.
By “jumps through” i mean opening it in the currently active window.
(Ctrl+Alt+Up goes forward in history.)

It would be a really quick way to browse through your folder history, and it eliminates the constant Middleclick->Recents->Choose Folder procedure.
Usually when you are working on something, the 2 most recent directories is as far as you need to go.



A dedicated hotkey for the most recent folders sounds cool. I’ll consider it.

Besides, which kinds of folders do you want to be used by this feature? Previously opened folders in file dialogs (as the current Recent menu), folders opened via Listary searches, or also folders that have been navigated to in Explorer?

Mostly the directories in the current Recents submenu.

If the explorer navigation history could be reached, that would be really great, but i’m afraid that list would get too long very quickly.
For example if i navigate to a folder:

I would go step by step:

Wouldn’t these steps be recorded in the history?

At the moment Listary doesn’t record Explorer histories. But when it does, the problem you mentioned definitely needs to be tackled first.

If I may endorse the original suggestion by highvoltage and add a bit to it: I am a recent convert to Listary from FileBoxExtender (my favourite for 12 years, but which stopped being developed and does not work well in Windows 10).

  1. We definitely need a different hotkey to open recent folders, rather than opening favourites (which is the default right now when I hit Cntrl-Alt-F to launch Listary). Because many times one wants to navigate directly to such folders.
  2. The hotkey should be only for folders, not for recent files (almost all software have recent files anyway listed in their file open menus). (see for instance how Cntrl-Shift-R works in FBX). The current “Recent” pane in Listary opens a huge list, seggregated into 3 parts: folders, files, and global. I don’t fully understand the difference between ‘folders’ and ‘global’ nor the order in which stuff is listed in each ,but would be nice to have only folders (I think global folders) in reverse chronological order.


I noticed this idea had been flagged before (only wanting recent folders):

You can set a hotkey for the recent menu here: Options - Menus - Toolbar (from the dropdown) - Recent.

Thanks, Channing. This helps.
Can you help me understand what the two different sections are: “Folder” and “Global”, and is there a way to only show “Global” or to show Global on top rather than the bottom? Because most of the time the folders I want to access are in Global.

Just to give an example: I receive an email and save a word attachment from it into a folder. My Word is already open. So I want to just open that attachment now (or maybe a bit later) in Word. I hit Cntl-O in word, Browse, and then my hotkey for “Recent”, and then the folder that was used to save the attachment does show up, but in Global…

“Folder” shows your folder open history of the current application. “Global” shows history from all applications.

Thanks. Any way of merging these two sections and showing a single folder list, latest first?

Or only showing the Global list?

That’s not possible now, but I’ll consider adding an option in the next version.

what happened to ‘recent’? can we still have it using a hot key, as i can’t seem to add it to my menu…