Shortcuts for jumping to recent folder


There should be a global shortcut to open the directory on the most recent list.

At my workplace i have to use a Mac, and there is a tool called DefaulFolder X, which has this function.
Basically you press Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow, and it jumps through the recent directory list, one by one.
By “jumps through” i mean opening it in the currently active window.
(Ctrl+Alt+Up goes forward in history.)

It would be a really quick way to browse through your folder history, and it eliminates the constant Middleclick->Recents->Choose Folder procedure.
Usually when you are working on something, the 2 most recent directories is as far as you need to go.



A dedicated hotkey for the most recent folders sounds cool. I’ll consider it.

Besides, which kinds of folders do you want to be used by this feature? Previously opened folders in file dialogs (as the current Recent menu), folders opened via Listary searches, or also folders that have been navigated to in Explorer?


Mostly the directories in the current Recents submenu.

If the explorer navigation history could be reached, that would be really great, but i’m afraid that list would get too long very quickly.
For example if i navigate to a folder:

I would go step by step:

Wouldn’t these steps be recorded in the history?


At the moment Listary doesn’t record Explorer histories. But when it does, the problem you mentioned definitely needs to be tackled first.