SHIFT + ENTER to run an app in administrator mode

This would be a quick and convenient way to launch an application in administrator mode.

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I’ll add a “Run as admin” action and you can assign a hotkey to it easily.

So there will be the possibility of assigning the hotkey SHIFT + ENTER ?

Yes, you can assign a custom hotkey like Shift+Enter to any action.

Nice !

[EDIT] actually figured this out. The option is under Context Menu in Actions

Also here’s an AHK script to enable shift-enter

Was there any progress to this? I don’t see it yet under Actions

I also don’t see it under Actions as a system default action, following instructions in this thread: How add a “Run” and “Run as Administrator” as an Action?

eg if I search for notepad, then go into the Actions menu, I can’t find “Run as admin” and tried typing in “admin” which does nothing

Yes I know, I made this script. :stuck_out_tongue: