Settings - Features - File Search

I’ve added a new keyword “work” with following settings:

  • keyword: work
  • Name: Work files
  • Extra query:
  • Search in: C:\users\Thomas\Documents\Work*
  • Search for: files

If I do a search with Listary it is also finding files from outside the give folder.

  • How do I restrict the results to files within the given folder?
  • How do I update to Listary

Here such a settings works and only shows folders and dirs from the specified path.
Update is made by using the Listary context menu entry “Check for updates”

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.674)
Listary Pro


  • my troubling folder is a junction folder. Mayby that’s the reason it doesn’t work.
  • Using the update function I do get the message that Listary is up to date, but it says it is version