Setting focus to the File Manager when something in listary is selected?

Let’s say I dbl click the desktop to bring up listaty, do a search, then click on a resulot (folder); I use Directory Opus as my FM with these settings:


This opens the result in a new tab (“Lister” as they call it in DO), which works great with the exception of it not bringing DO into the foreground (focus). A little extra frustrating when DO is minimized to the taskbar, then I also need to click there as well in order to bring it up.

it’d be nice if Listary just automatically also set the FM as the foreground window as well. Is this only happening on my system, or is it intentional for some reason?


The Esc button should defocus Listary! If you go to options- By window type you have some extra options for Dopus! click on dopus and on the right side you should see some options you can check or uncheck.

I understand Dopus has an activation key. It will bring up dopus and you can type to find something. win+ d is it?!

Also, there are option in Dopus to set it’s behavier.

Check this blog post.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: :

@tourmaline: Unfortunately, none of that does the trick. When clicking (or hitting Enter) on the Listary result, listary gets de-focused anyway (disappears actually, as intended). Also none of the other options in either app affect this issue.

@Channing: I had considered that myself, but I was hoping to avoid having to create any external scripts/exe’s as the “glue” between the 2 apps and just have Listary do it on it’s own. Is it not possible to add this “tweak” into Listary itself? Perhaps using the WinAPI’s SetForegroundWindow function or similar? I haven’t looked into the specific language Listary is coded in, but if it’s .NET there are also built-in functions to send a window to the front.