Set focus on file when opening folder

Fairly often I need to open a containing folder, rather than a file itself. It would be really nice if Listary could open the folder and set the focus on the file, so that you don’t have to do a second search just to find the file in the folder

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This is already on my to-do list :smile:


Thanks! Looks like it was added in the right key meny right?

Unfortunately I’m having some trouble implementing this feature. I can let Listary open a new Explorer window with the file selected, but cannot make the current Explorer window navigate to a folder and then select a file…

hmmm… well it could still work when using Listary from the hotkey (like a launcher) right? since that always opens a new explorer window.

I know that is less tan ideal that it worked differently if used inside the explorer or as a launcher, but I think in this case its still worth having there.

Good luck!